Engraved Photo Service

Infinite Laser of Minnesota provides you with a top notch laser photo engraving service. We provide excellent quality and clarity with every engraved photo we ship.

Which substrates are offered for laser engraved photos?

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Canvas
  • Maple

Our substrate of choice for high quality, high resolution laser engraved photos is Acrylic. You can see an example here or view our photo gallery right here.

engraved photos with character

If you would like something with more character then I suggest using wood for your photo.

Maple is a great substrate for photo engraving.


infinite laser is located in Minnesota

  • 8″x10″ Laser Photo
  • High quality engraving
  • Professional Service
  • Free sample engraving
  • We offer many more materials and sizes to choose from pleas inquire


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