DA Big Gimping Plug-in Process for GIMP Now With V4 & Auto Installer


Da Big Gimping Plug-in Fully automated Gimp photo process plugin. V4 is NOW RELEASED



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Revolutionize Your Laser Engraving with Da Big Gimping Plugin V4: The Premier Photo Processing Solution

Transform your laser engraving projects with ease using the Da Big Gimping Plugin V4. Designed for both beginners and seasoned engravers, this plugin automates your photo editing, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your engravings.

Effortless Windows Installation with Auto Installer

  1. Download the Auto Installer: Securely download the Da Big Gimping Plugin V4 Auto Installer.
  2. Prepare for Installation: Ensure all previous versions of the plugin are uninstalled. Download and extract the installer to your ‘Downloads’ folder.
  3. Run the Auto Installer: Close Gimp, execute the installer file, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Restart Gimp: Launch Gimp again to discover the plugin ready for use in the top menu.

Note: The Auto Installer simplifies the setup process, eliminating manual file copying.

Setting Permissions on Mac OS

(No changes, as this section remains relevant as is.)

Seamless Workflow from Gimp to Lightburn


Photo Engraving Workflow Chart – Gimp To Lightburn

  1. Install the Gimp software on your computer.
  2. Download the Da Big Gimping V4 plugin file and save it to your computer.
  3. Open Gimp and go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Plug-ins.
  4. Click on the “New” button and navigate to the folder where you saved the plugin file.
  5. Select the plugin file and click on “Open”.
  6. Close and re-open Gimp to apply the changes.
  7. Open a photo in Gimp in RGB mode. Do not press OK yet.
  8. We’re going to convert the photo to inches to mm. Take note of the final image size.
  9. Prepare to run the V4 plugin.
  10. Run the V4 plugin by selecting it from the “Filters” or “Tools” menu depending on its functionality.
  11. Press OK and wait for the automated processing to finish.
  12. Save the processed photo using the “File > Export As” menu.</

Da Big Gimping Plugin V4: A Game Changer in Photo Engraving

Step into the future of photo processing for laser engraving with Da Big Gimping Plugin V4. This innovative tool is a must-have for laser engraving enthusiasts, offering unparalleled ease of use and quality enhancements. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, the Da Big Gimping Plugin V4 is your key to unlocking stunning laser engravings with minimal effort.