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Quality Matters

keychains that are AWESOME!.

Our keychains are very unique because we use only the best materials for any product that we make.

We make our custom keychains from many different substrates. such as hardwoods like Oak and Walnut.

These two hardwoods can really make a Personalized Keychain pop. However, sometimes we mix it up by using Acrylic as our substrate.

for example, Our Minnesota collection can be ordered as Hardwood and or Acrylic.

Acrylic? Yes!. Infinite Laser carries several types of acrylic for our high quality keychain’s. Our Minnesota Nice key chain or any of our other Minnesota key chains!

Our Minnesota Nice Keyring collection using mirrored acrylic is my favorite because it fits the cold north so well.

The mirrored acrylic makes the design come alive.

Its “ice” like appearance throughout the keychain and even the smooth, clear, laser cut edges except for one thing.

As the laser Etches the surface of the acrylic it is instantly frosting it over, resembling our Minnesota winters.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

I am not a writer. Laser Engraving IS my PASSION in life, so please know that I will make your custom keychains and other products with confidence and pride.

Infinite Laser


Minnesota keychain design are made from 1/4″ solid oak

Straight Outta Toilet Paper 30oz tumbler cup

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